Extruded snacks

Alimentation animale

Manufacture of extruded snacks

Appetizers have long been made by cooking-extrusion. This technology makes it possible to obtain the lightness and crispness of these products.

The extruder alone is not enough to create an original product. Peripheral equipment is essential to ensure cutting, dosage of ingredients, addition of flavors, etc.

A custom design of your extruded snack production lines.

Depending on the type of snacks you want to make, the technical choices will not be the same.

TGC EXTRUSION has a know-how and a field experience that will allow us to best meet your expectations to design, optimize, modify your cooking-extrusion lines to:

– Direct expansion snacks,

– Pellets for secondary expansion,

– The original shapes.

Our extrusion company advises you independently


We work closely with machine suppliers. But we are completely independent of the manufacturers. Our job is to target your needs precisely, so as to advise you by directing you to the machines most appropriate to your activity. We take up the challenges of your specific requests, if we do not find equipment that meets your need, we will custom design.


Extrusion specialists who anticipate your technical needs

Our business is not limited to the supply of equipment. TGC EXTRUSION has been supporting manufacturers for over 25 years. Our respective routes have given TGC EXTRUSION a very strong «field» orientation.

Our expertise will be used to:

Support you in the R&D phase to design your products. In this regard, TGC EXTRUSION has obtained the Innovation Tax Credit Approval,
Perform audits of your existing production units,
Design custom parts or machines,
Train operators.