Who are we?

With you for more than 20 years, TGC Extrusion has earned its credibility with industrialists from around the world thanks to its expertise in agrifood extrusion cooking, its knowledge of factory processes and its reactivity. As a company on a human scale, your 4 contacts have all gained field experience in industry to offer you today the assurance of personalized advice tailored to your technical needs.

  • Alain VACHER

    Alain VACHER has a university diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Productivity and worked for twelve years as a production manager in the pet food and aquaculture food industry (BioMar)

  • Wilfried BLANC

    Wilfried BLANC is an engineer in Food Industry Science and Technology (ISIM-Polytech Montpellier) and worked for about ten years in the pet food and aquaculture food industry (BioMar).

  • Thierry CRUEIZE

    Thierry CRUEIZE was a maintenance manager and then production manager for fifteen years in the aquaculture food industry (BioMar). He was a business manager for 3 years at an equipment manufacturer and integrator in the agrifood industry (Alfatec). He has a technical diploma in Industrial Product Design.

  • Marie-Hélène VACHER

    In charge of optimizing the management of her colleagues' activities, Marie-Hélène VACHER is your preferred contact for order processing, export document management, logistics, billing and accounting. She has a university diploma in Marketing techniques.

  • Maxence

    Maxence Lucas

    5 years of experience as a design draughtsman in the mechanical, product and process
    Maxence LUCAS has a university diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Productivity

Our mission :

TGC Extrusion guarantees the consistency of the extrusion cooking process in the agrifood industry thanks to its expertise and know-how acquired over more than 20 years. This perfect knowledge of the production line allows TGC Extrusion to carry out on-site audits, provide personalized advice and offer the sale of new or second-hand equipment of very high quality. Our total independence guarantees for you the respect of the ethics of the profession, confidentiality and a total commitment to the results of our actions and your performances.

Our sectors of activity :

  • Agrifood industry players
  • Provender (animal feed industry)
  • Processing of cereals & oilseeds
  • Plant oils
  • Pet food (dog & cat food)
  • Aquaculture Foods (Fish, Shrimps)
  • Organic products
  • Snacks and savory crackers
  • Breakfast cereals
Our commitments :
  • Ensure overall coherence on your production line
  • Be responsive to changes in the industry at international level
  • Provide technological know-how to optimize your results

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